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It's pretty simple
You manage music programs.
You need to make sure the right music is with the right people at the right place at the right time.
SamePage makes sure the right music is with the right people at the right place at the right time.*
29 second tour
…*And it will display and mix your music too.
Organize Music
SamePage Quick Tour
Plan Events

SamePage - A complete system that starts by creating a free account

Create Account

Organize and Plan

Plan and Communicate Music Events

Upload songs. Plan events. Organize team information. From anywhere.

Start with the basic app. Upload your music, type in your team's contact info, maybe list some venues and practice rooms and equipment. Now you have all your stuff in one spot and SamePage becomes your music planning control center. This makes planning easy because you just pick and place songs, match band members to parts and schedule a venue or practice room. SamePage tracks everyone's availability so you can schedule easily, from anywhere there's a web connection. And it prevents you from assigning one person to two different roles at the same time. Whoops!

Communicate and Practice Remotely

Unique Practice Module. Share Music Across The Web.

Display events and sheet music across the web so they can practice

Now that you've got your playlist set, rooms scheduled and people assigned to roles, it's time to let the team know so they can practice! They log in at any time to see the plan and pull up their music.  SamePage will also send an email to everyone assigned to a role, letting them know what, where and when. The Practice module displays music across the web. The team logs in from anywhere and can see and practice their music! The Practice Module is an upgrade from the free account.

Display and Mix

Performance Stations Keep Everyone in Sync, Integrate With App.

Display and Mix music on multiple screens. Make changes on-the-fly. Mix 32 channels.

While it's nice to have everything in one spot, everything scheduled, roles assigned, and people practicing, there's a little problem. During a performance, the band needs to see the music! And they would love to set their own mix. SamePage Performance Stations deliver with high-resolution 21" touch screens and low latency live audio so each band member sees two full-size pages of THEIR music and can set their own live mix. Full size music display and personal monitor mixing, fully integrated with the planning app so everyone is in sync, informed and prepared. Wow! 

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