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Where did the playlist go? I see it when i change songs but then it disappears.

In the latest version of SamePage we have changed how the playlist in Play and Practice modes looks and behaves.  The reason for this was to increase the size of the music being displayed.  There are now two types of playlist.  The default playlist window appears for a few seconds when a song is changed then disappears automatically. There is also a playlist button in the upper right of the screen that will bring up the playlist window for 3 seconds.  

The second type of playlist window is called the Movable Playlist and can be turned on and off from the Options menu.  After you turn the Movable Playlist on, under options, you will need to restart SamePage for the change to take effect. You can drag the Movable Playlist to anywhere on the screen by touching the title bar and dragging the window to where you want it.  You can also hide and unhide the Movable playlist window by clicking on the Playlist icon in the upper right hand corner.    

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