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Performance Stations - Display Digital Sheet Music

SamePage Performance Stations

Let there be music!

Yes! You've planned a great program and the band has practiced diligently. Now, let the music shine! (on their stands of course) SamePage Performance Stations bring a new level of cohesiveness and productivity to your music programs. They integrate with the planning app to display music, two full pages wide. They display exactly what's in each band member's account. Each member logs into a station and is presented with their music, just as they left it, with all their notes and annotations and highlights. Still need to make changes? The stations have a full function touch screen so band members can edit their music on the spot, scroll through playlists, turn pages. This is truly a virtual representation of paper sheet music. And each station is tied to the leader so you can send messages and make changes on the fly. SamePage Performance Stations also offer a mixing option. That's right, full level personal monitor mixing right from the screen. Each band member sets their own mix and the settings are saved per song so live performances go off without a hitch. Learn more about mixing HERE.


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