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Personal Mixing

Personal Monitor Mixing - 32 Channels - Right from the touch screen

SamePage Performance Stations can be equipped with Personal Monitor Mixing

Hey, that looks like a mixer!
Personal Monitor Mixing that lets the band set their mix with . . . a mixer!

Personal Monitor Mixers let each band member set their own live mix. With SamePage Performance Stations, they slide faders for volume and turn knobs and push buttons for EQ, Balance, Mute, etc. Just like on a mixing board. It looks like a mixer, because it is a mixer. So why is it that Personal Monitor Mixers typically look like CB radios from 1977, with little plastic knobs? Performance Stations receive full quality digital audio through CAT5e so up to 32 channels of pristine audio can be mixed by each band member. The settings for each song are saved and can be instantly recalled.

Full-function mixing board

Full quality 24 bit audio is fed to each Performance Station. Powerful DSP's split up to 32 channels so each musician can set their personal live mix. It's personal monitor mixing taken to the next level. Rather than twisting tiny plastic knobs, each musician uses on-screen faders to adjust volume and large virtual knobs to adjust Pan and EQ. The mixing option has been very popular with our customers because of the surprisingly low incremental cost relative to traditional personal monitor mixing.

Mix 32 channels all at once!!


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